FFP 32 - The Power of Writing with Kent Sanders

podcast Oct 05, 2021

Kent Sanders is a former college professor turned ghostwriter and writing coach. Kent believes nothing is more powerful than a written story and that books are one of the few forms of magic we have left.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why it’s important to help others with writing and storytelling
  • Why storytelling is vital and how it’s the way God communicates with us
  • How to get started writing on a blank page
  • Why you shouldn’t be apologetic in your ask and be bold instead
  • What works vs. what doesn’t work while fundraising

Kent has a lot of great information to share but one thing he stresses is joining a community. Find people who want to help you accomplish your goal and regularly meet with them. Whether it’s in person or in an online group, a community will help you not feel alone in your journey.


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