FFP 45: Why Build a Fundraising Advisory Team | 5 Things to Consider

podcast Jul 19, 2022

Fundraising isn’t just about raising money – it’s about teambuilding, inviting others in and yes, not going it alone.

Traditional support raising training encourages you to create a list of names and one-by-one invite them in. Our FREEDOM framework encourages you to do the opposite. Don’t create a list of donor prospect names, create a list of prospective advisory team members.

Releasing yourself of the pressure of doing your fundraising alone is one aspect of this new way of thinking, but here are five MORE reasons you should consider as you build your advisory team.

  1. The advisory team frees you from overwhelm.
  2. The advisory team will save you time.
  3. The advisory team will make it more fun.
  4. You will never run out of contacts.
  5. You’ll be more confident when you make the ask.

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