FFP 51 - How Missionary Lydia Nigh Got Fully Funded

podcast Aug 31, 2022

On today's episode, Mary brings in a special guest to answer today's listener question who asks,

"I don't know anyone who is fully funded! Could you help me?"

When a student joins Fully Funded Academy, they get access to our Fully Funded Checklist document. In it we ask our students to do a brief exercise where they reach out to 2-3 missionaries (or organizations) who are fully funded and ask them how they got there, which usually triggers the question above.

In this episode you get to meet missionary, Lydia Nigh.

Lydia has been a missionary for decades, serving in a variety of locations around the world, and... 


Lydia was so kind to share her support raising journey and she shares: 

  • How a single role play on a fully funded coaching call changed the way she asks for money
  • Exactly how she went from being underfunded to being fully funded
  • The 3 things she does to make partner development FUN!
  • and more!

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