FFP 30 - How to Stretch Your Boundaries with Daniel Hammond

Sep 21, 2021

Daniel Hammond is a former interrogator for the military and to say his life has been turned around would be an understatement!

Today, Daniel runs a significant nursing school ministry in Honduras. I recently met Daniel in Nashville at Mike Kim's mastermind events and he said, “Mary Valloni, we’re going to change the world together!”

We hit it off as immediate friends, and while he's been part of Fully Funded Academy for awhile, this was the first time we got to meet.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What it was like for Daniel to be a lukewarm Christian before God led Daniel into ministry work
  • How he identified what his unique ability is and how he could use it in order to influence the outcomes he wanted
  • Why you should get to know people on a personal level
  • Why you should let people know exactly what it is that you need –– over the next 10 years (what?)

Daniel also brings up the question, "How committed are you to faith over fear?"

When you are in ministry work, you have to move forward with faith regardless of if you feel fearful or nervous.

This episode is going to supercharge your faith!

Mentioned In This Episode:

Nightingale Nursing School

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