Hi, I’m Kay Helm

Fully Funded Academy Certified Coach

You’re called to the Great Commission, but the thought of raising support fills you with dread. I used to feel that way, too.

The stress and uncertainty took a toll, until I found some keys that made all the difference. Raising up new partners for ministry does not have to be a frustrating experience, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Together, we’ll walk through the Fully Funded Roadmap, building your support team and learning to dream again.

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Get a Clear Path to Being Fully Funded

It’s one thing to follow the Fully Funded Framework. It’s another to have the clarity and courage to get it done. As we work together, you’ll align your head, heart, and hands so getting fully funded is a thing of joy.

Get the Help Your Mission Deserves

Coaching From Kay Helm Gives You…

  • Confidence in a proven approach to raising support that has already worked for hundreds of missionaries
  • Clarity as you craft your message in a way that stands out and gives donors a reason to get behind your cause.
  • Consistency as you follow your step-by-step plan, using the templates and other tools in Fully Funded Academy.
  • Community and encouragement inside Fully Funded Academy.
  • Consistency as you craft your message in a way that stands out and gives donors a reason to get behind your cause.
  • Celebration as you rejoice in inviting others to join your cause and getting fully funded!
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My Fundraising Skills

As a fellow missionary for 14 years, I know what it’s like to struggle with the ups and downs of support raising.  Over the years, I cobbled together a loose system for fundraising that saddled me with more work than it was worth.

Then, I discovered Fully Funded Academy. FFA provided a clear roadmap to get past those duct-taped solutions and step out with confidence. It can work for you, too.

Working together, we can build your easy-to-follow plan and execute it with confidence.

My special skills and expertise include:

  • Helping you get crystal clear on your mission and vision, and the all-important “why” behind it all.
  • Walking with you as you overcome the mindset and emotional challenges that sabotage support raising.
  • Using my experience as a church staff member, missionary, and business owner to your advantage.
  • Leveraging my marketing background and writing skills to boost your communications efforts.
  • Helping you design your own customized, easy-to-follow plan to get fully funded.

You don’t have to do this alone.

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