Missionaries: Let's Maximize Your 2019 Year-End Support

If you’d like to develop a steady stream of recurring financial support with more stability and less stress so you can have greater impact, then reading this page could be one of the best investments you can make in your ministry.

Many Missionaries Report That Over 30% of Their Annual Support Comes In Between December 25th and January 1st!

People tend to feel more generous and charitable during the holidays, and there's the added benefit of writing off (for taxes) their donations before the year ends. It's important to have plans in place to maximize this important season. 

That's Why We're Thrilled You Have An Interest In Fully Funded Academy.

We're Mary Valloni and Mike Kim, and the system we provide eliminates stress, helps you grow your donor base, stay "top of mind" with supporters, and build relationships in a way that creates dependable, reliable support for your ministry every single month.

We've helped organizations like the American Cancer Society, the ALS Association, and the Special Olympics and ministries like Catalyst and People of the Second Chance. We're here to help you build long-lasting, stable financial support as you serve in the field.


What is Fully Funded Academy?

Fully Funded Academy is a monthly membership training program to help full and part-time missionaries and ministry leaders raise more support. We blend video sessions, live online coaching calls, and a private online community to guide you.

We’ve taken over 18 years of working with thousands of missionaries, ministries, and non-profits and distilled it down into the few key strategies that will make all the difference.

The outcome we want you to experience is greater financial support, less stress, and an abundance of time to do the work that really matters.

FREEDOM: There are 7 Core Strategies For Support-Raising Success

The "FREEDOM" framework is the core of what we teach, and you get access to every in-depth video session inside the member's area.

1. Focus Your Vision

Why do some ministries seem to raise so much more with less effort? You'll learn the secret to casting a clear and compelling vision that people can't wait to support.

2. Run Your Research

Success leaves clues, and we're going to look at what other missionaries and ministry leaders are doing that you can apply to your own situation.

3. Enlist Your Team

Just like a sports team has a captain, you need a captain and support raising team! These aren't people who just support you, they rally others to do the same.

4. Enhance Your Brand

Learn tips and strategies from one of the world's most respected personal brand strategists to leverage your writing, photos, and social media to attract support.

5. Deploy Your Team

Teamwork makes the dream work! Learn some important ways you can leverage your team to host fundraising events and more.

6. Organize Your Ask

Your "ask" will be different for individuals, churches and businesses. Learn how to customize a message that resonates directly with your given audience. 

7. Make Your Difference

There’s no greater change agent than the gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn how to share the difference your ministry is making so that even more support comes in.

The Online Course Looks Great, Do I Get Anything Else With Fully Funded Academy?

Yes! We provide additional resources to help you save time and eliminate stress:

Exact Support Letter & Email Templates That Save You Hours! 

Writing is one of the hardest (and most tedious) tasks when it comes to raising support. It just seems there's no end to the emails, support letters, and social media updates.

We provide PROVEN templates taken from real support letters in the field that you can adapt, tweak, and send. You'll also get bonus teachings on the topic, including "How to Write a Winning Support Letter."

Monthly Live Online Coaching with Mary & Mike

There's nothing like working together in real-time, and that's why we dedicate several hours a month to group calls. This is your chance to ask questions and get real-time feedback.

More than that, the encouragement, love, and support you'll gain from being around fellow co-laborers in Christ is priceless! It's really like having another community of faith.

Right Now, We'll Focus On Helping You Maximize Your 2019 Year-End Support!

Success is sequential, not simultaneous. That's why we've put together an easy-to-follow plan as we head into the year-end support season.

Right Now, We're Offering A Special "Year End" Rate At A 25% Discount To Enroll

We know how important this year-end season is to your ministry. Our strategies are based on real-world experience from being in the trenches helping missionaries, parachurch orgs, church plants, and NPOs like the American Cancer Society, the ALS Association, and the Special Olympics raise high 6 and even 7-figures.

It's also based on the hours and hours we spend every year consulting high level organizations from all around the world. These are the exact strategies and ideas you need to launch, grow, and scale your financial support and get fully funded. The best part? We're going to be with you every step of the way.