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Frustrated By Your Fundraising?

Scraping by on partial support is draining for any missionary, campus minister, ministry leader, or pastor.

You want to be out in the field, doing what you feel called to do. Instead, you’re distracted by constantly chasing down more financial support. Finding new donors gets harder and harder. And you’re left wondering how long you can go without being fully funded.

Launch, Grow, and Scale the Financial Support Base for your Ministry

Join our flagship training, Fully Funded Academy. Or get your support-raising website launched in no time.

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Get More Help With Your Support Raising

Need a quick way to kickstart your fundraising and renew your hope in becoming fully funded? Choose one of these free options below.

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Download this roadmap and discover the 7 Steps to Fundraising Freedom. Find out where you are in the support raising process and know your path to success.

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The Fully Funded Podcast is designed to help missionaries, ministry leaders, campus ministers and church planters grow their donor base and raise more financial support.

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Enjoy a growing library of articles aimed at helping missionaries, campus ministers, and pastors raise support. From writing, to social media, to websites, you’ll find practical help.

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What Fully Funded Missionaries are Saying…

Nora McNamara Missionary
Nora McNamara

I’ve been a missionary for over 20 years. Fully Funded Academy has changed my whole story in support-raising. The result is people are giving more. It’s taught me to serve and not ‘sell’ the ministry!

Pete & Sumari Witt, Missionaries
Pete & Sumari Witt

The one idea Mary shared on building a fundraising support team has taken us from 35% funded to over 80% funded…in under 100 days! God’s grace took over when I took action and implemented this idea.

Christian & Hannah Swails, Campus Ministers
Christian & Hannah Swails

We have been supporting raising for the last 3 years and raised 60% of our goal. After implementing the strategies, we skyrocketed to 95% in just 2 months. We are so thankful for Fully Funded!

Meet Your New Fundraising Guides!

More than fundraising experts, we’re here to welcome you into the Fully Funded Family!

Mary Valloni

Mary Valloni is a fundraising expert who’s helped raise millions for amazing organizations like the American Cancer Society, the ALS Association, and the Special Olympics. Her passion is helping missionaries get fully funded.

Mike Kim

Mike Kim is a marketing consultant for top tier thought leaders, speaker, and copywriting expert who loves helping missionaries grow their support base.

Mike Kim
Mike Kim

Robby Fowler

Robby Fowler is a branding and website consultant with 15+ years of pastoral experience. Whether he’s working with corporate clients to monetize their brands or helping non-profits raise funds, he builds brands that serve.

Download Your Support Raising Roadmap

Download this FREE roadmap and discover the 7 Steps to Fundraising Freedom. Find out where you are in the support raising process and know your path to success.

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